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Installation Overview

This section provides an outline of the steps that need to be performed prior to putting SecureSync into service. This includes:

  • Installation: Hardware setup, mechanical installation, physical connections.
  • Setup: Establish basic access to the unit, so as to allow the use of the web user interface ("Web UI").
  • Configuration: Access the Web UI, configure the network, input and output references, protocols (e.g., NTP), other settings.

The following factors determine which steps need to be taken:

  1. Your existing infrastructure and how you plan on integrating SecureSync into it (for example, integrating it into an existing Ethernet network, or setting-up a standalone installation.)
  2. How you would like to setup basic network configuration parameters:
    • Using the unit's front panel keypad and information display
    • Using a PC connected to SecureSync via serial cable
    • Using a PC connected to SecureSync via network cable.
    • You can connect your PC to SecureSync either…

      • …directly by means of a dedicated Ethernet cable, or
      • …indirectly, using your existing Ethernet network (using a network hub).
  3. The option cards configuration of your unit: Is your SecureSync equipped with any option cards, such as additional input references, or additional signal distribution cards? If so, they need to be configured separately via the SecureSync Web UI, once the network configuration is complete.

Main Installation Steps

The following list is a recommendation. Deviations are possible, depending on the actual application and system configuration.

  1. Read the Safety instructions: SAFETY.
  2. Unpack the unit, and take inventory: Unpacking and Inventory.
  3. Obtain required tools and parts: Required Tools and Parts.
  4. Mount the unit: .Mounting the Unit.
  5. Connect Input References such as your GNSS antenna, and network cable(s): Connecting the GNSS Input, and Connecting Network Cables.
  6. Connect your power supply/-ies: Connecting Supply Power.
  7. Power up the unit: Powering Up the Unit.
  8. Setup basic network connectivity.
    1. …via front panel keypad and information display: Setting Up an IP Address via the Front Panel
    2. …or via serial port, using a PC with a CLI: Setting Up an IP Address via the Serial Port
    3. …or via Ethernet, using a PC with a web browser, and the SecureSync Web UI: Accessing the Web UI.
  9. Register your product: Product Registration.