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The duration of the scenario replay can be set to a number of days, hours and minutes.

Any scenario can be run in three different modes:

  • Looping: The scenario will be replayed infinite times, re-starting every time after its set duration has expired.

    For this mode, the trajectory should be loop-shaped, i.e. have the same start/end point. Otherwise, an error will likely be thrown once the receiver-under-test upon the first replay is moved from the end point to the start point in an unrealistically short time.

  • Forever: The scenario will run infinitely (the duration time will be grayed out).
    If your trajectory is loop-shaped, i.e. it has the same start/end point, the trajectory will be followed over and over again (just like in the above-mentioned Looping mode), but the simulation time will continue to elapse (contrary to the Looping mode, which will re-start the simulation time with every new scenario execution.
    If your trajectory is not loop-shaped, in this mode the receiver will travel along the last trajectory vector infinitely.
  • Note: The option Endless only works, if the ephemeris option is set to Download. (See also:Ephemeris)

  • One-Go: The scenario will be executed once, for the set duration.
    Upon completion of the scenario execution, GSG will return to the Main menu.