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Next to the unencrypted L1 band Coarse/Acquisition Pseudo-Random Noise code (C/A PRN code), the Precise (P), but encrypted Pseudo Random Noise code is used to modulate both the L1, and the L2 carriers.

While GSG cannot replicate the encryption, it can emulate, and thus represent the P(Y) code, so as to allow for commercial GPS surveying receivers to be tested for their ability to derive the carrier in a codeless fashion.

Note that this technology does NOT use controlled encryption. Instead, it mimics the encryption so as to provide an RF signal in the L1/L2 P(Y) location.

Note: GPS receivers that use genuine encryption methods will NOT be able to use the L1/L2 P with Pseudo P(Y) code enabled because the encryption used is not as expected and they cannot decode it.

To turn P(Y) ON/OFF:

  1. Navigate to: Select [Select a Scenario] > Configure Scenario: View 3/3.
  2. Next to the GPS, enter a number of satellites greater than "0", or Auto, then press Enter to open this Configuration view:
  3. Turning pseudo encryption ON/OFF

  4. Navigate to the P(Y) entry at the bottom of the view, and select On, or Off.