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Number of Satellites

The maximum number of satellites to be simulated by GSG in a given scenario is specified separately for each available GNSS system. (For SBAS, see SBAS Satellites).

To edit the number of satellites for a GNSS system, navigate to: Select > [Select Scenario] > Configure Scenario: View 3/3 > [Satellite System]: Enter a numberNumber of Satellites

The theoretical maximum number of satellites that can be simulated is 64, but this number also depends on:

  • The license and GSG model used (number of available channels)
  • How many frequency bands are used, e.g., if 64 channels are available, 64 GNSS L1 satellite signals can be simulated, or, e.g., 32 L1/L2 satellite signals. (Note that GPS L2 and L2C are using separate channels, as are the Galileo bands E5a and E5b.)

The default setting is Auto, i.e. GSG will determine the number of satellites simulated at any given time during scenario execution.

Note: If GSG runs out of free channels when in Auto mode, not all satellites will be simulated.