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Rear Panel

As a means for communication, GSG supports GPIB, USB and Ethernet. Only one connection can be active at a time. The active connection is selected under Options > Interface. The default setting is Ethernet.

The illustration below shows the connections available on the back side of the unit:

GSG rear panel

  1. 1PPS Output: TTL level signal with positive slope timed to GPS time of RF out (can be programmed as 10/100/1000PPS).
  2. Reference Output: 10 MHz derived from the internal or—if present—external reference.
  3. External Reference Input: Can be selected as a reference via the Interface and Reference menu.
  4. External Trigger Input: Optional signal input for scenario triggering.
  5. GPIB Connector: The address is set in the Interface and Reference menu.
  6. Ethernet Connector: Data communications port used with TCP/IP networks.
  7. USB Connector: Data communications port used with Personal Computers.
  8. Line Power Inlet: AC 90-265 VRMS. 45-440 Hz; automatic input voltage selection.
  9. Protective Ground Terminal: The protective ground wire is connected at this location inside the instrument. Never tamper with this screw!
  10. Fan: The fan speed is controlled via a temperature sensor. Normal bench-top use means low speed, whereas rack-mounting and/or installed options may result in higher speed.
  11. Type Plate: Indicates model number and serial number.