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Start Time

Start time is the time a scenario uses for simulation purposes, i.e. the simulated time at which the scenario begins every time it is run. The Start time can be …

  1. a set time, as configured for the scenario. Whenever you start this particular scenario, the previously set Start time will be used, e.g. November 4, 2015 at 19:30.
  2. real time, as derived from the NTP server specified in the Network Configuration, and triggered by the user pressing start, or a SCPI start signal being submitted.
  3. Note: If NTP real time is used, the scenario start will be delayed by up to 2 minutes, in order to allow for the simulation data to be loaded.

    The Start time is aligned to the next full GPS minute. The NTP (UTC) timescale is converted to the GPS timescale by a UTC-GPS offset defined in the NTP Server settings.