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About Your Safety

The following safety symbols are used in Spectracom technical documentation, or on Spectracom products:

Spectracom safety symbols

Symbol Signal word Definition

Potentially dangerous situation which may lead to personal injury or death!
Follow the instructions closely.

Potential equipment damage or destruction!
Follow the instructions closely.

Tips and other useful or important information.

Risk of Electrostatic Discharge! Avoid potential equipment damage by following ESD Best Practices.

Shows where the protective ground terminal is connected inside the instrument.
Never remove or loosen this screw!

Functional (noiseless, clean) grounding, designed to avoid malfunction of the equipment.

A terminal always connected to the instrument chassis.

Safety Precautions

This product has been designed and built in accordance with state-of-the-art standards and the recognized safety rules. Nevertheless, all equipment that can be connected to line power is a potential danger to life. In particular, its use may constitute a risk to the operator or installation/maintenance personnel, if used under conditions that must be deemed unsafe, or for purposes other than the product's designated use, as it is described under Intended Use and Operating Principle.

DANGER! If the equipment is used in a manner not specified by the manufacturer, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired.

Basic User Responsibilities

To ensure the correct and safe operation of the instrument, it is essential that you follow generally accepted safety procedures in addition to the safety precautions specified in this manual.

The instrument is designed to be used by trained personnel only. Removing the cover for repair, maintenance, and adjustment of the instrument must be done by qualified personnel who are aware of the hazards involved.

Note: The warranty commitments are rendered void if unauthorized access to the interior of the instrument has taken place during the given warranty period.

Also, follow these general directions:

  • The equipment must only be used in technically perfect condition. Check components for damage prior to installation. Also check for loose or scorched cables on other nearby equipment.
  • Make sure you possess the professional skills, and have received the training necessary for the type of work you are about to perform (for example: Best Practices in ESD prevention.)
  • Do not modify the equipment, and use only spare parts authorized by Spectracom.
  • Always follow the instructions set out in this guide.
  • Observe generally applicable legal and other local mandatory regulations.
  • Keep these instructions at hand, near the place of use.

If in Doubt about Safety

Apply technical common sense: If you suspect that it is unsafe to use the product (for example, if it is visibly damaged), do the following:

    • Disconnect the line cord.
    • Clearly mark the equipment to prevent its further operation.
    • Contact your local Spectracom representative.