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Unpacking and Inventory

Caution: Electronic equipment is sensitive to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). Observe all ESD precautions and safeguards when handling the unit.

Unpack the equipment and inspect it for damage. If any equipment has been damaged in transit, or you experience any problems during installation and configuration of your Spectracom product, please contact your closest Spectracom Customer Service Center (see: Technical Support).

Note: Retain all original packaging for use in return shipments if necessary.

The following items are included with your shipment:

  • GSG-5x/6x GNSS Simulator
  • Ancillary kit, GSG-5x/6x, containing:
    • AC cord, 5-15P to C13, 18 AWG, 10 A, 125 V
    • Adapter, SMA female–N male, 50 Ω
    • Cable assembly, SMA–SMA, 5ft.
    • USB 2.0 cable, with type A/B connector, 6ft.
  • CD with user’s manual, Protocol reference document & configuration SW
  • Compliance and shipping documentation
  • Optional: additional software and license key(s)

Unit Identification

The type plate on the rear panel (see Rear Panel) of the unit includes the GSG MODEL, PART No., and SERIAL No.

This information, as well as a list of installed options (if any), can also be found under the menu item Options > Show system information.