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Execution Log

During everyday operation, your GSG unit will maintain a log, which is kept in the file observations/executionlog.txt. In this log file, the unit stores information about the scenarios run, and possible errors that may have occurred, which can be helpful with troubleshooting.

To view the Execution log:

  • On the GSG front panel display, navigate to Options > Manage files > observations: executionlog.txt. Press the Arrow right key to highlight the View option, and press enter to display the log.
  • In GSG StudioView, use the File Manager.
  • Using the GSG Web UI on a connected PC, click on GSG FILES, then navigate to observations, and click on executionlog.txt.

The maximum size of the execution log file is 20,000 lines. Once the limit is reached, the oldest entries will be overwritten by new data.

Please note that the log is not updated in real time, but is updated when a scenario stops, for example.
Also note that the log will be deleted when a Clean & Restore operation is performed, i.e. when restoring the unit to factory default configuration (Options > Reset to factory defaults).