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General Format of Commands

The general format of protocol commands follows the SCPI syntax. For example:

SOURce:SCENario:CONTrol start

Commands ending with ?-mark are queries. Keywords can be shortened by typing only the capital letters. Case does not matter. For example:


If using SCPI-Raw all commands should be terminated with newline "\n". All responses from GSG are also terminated with newline. Exceptions are commands and responses where the length of data is inside the command/response. These are SOURce:FILe:data command and response to MMEMory:DATA? query. Some commands, such as sour:scen:log? and sour:scen:advlog? imply multiline responses. When a multiline response is not empty, each line of data is terminated with a newline symbol. Additionally, multiline responses (even empty ones) are terminated with an empty line (a line with no symbols except a newline symbol in it).

When using, for example, a telnet client to control the unit, it is enough just type commands and press enter to send the command.