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Standard Event Status Enable

Sets the enable bits of the standard event enable register. This enable register contains a mask value for the bits to be enabled in the standard event status register. A bit that is set true in the enable register enables the corresponding bit in the status register. An enabled bit will set the ESB (Event Status Bit) in the Status Byte Register if the enabled event occurs.

Command Syntax

*ESE <decimal>


<> = the sum (between 0 and 255) of all bits that are true.

Event Status Enable Register (1 = enable)
Bit Weight Enables
7 128 PON, Power-on occurred
6 64 URQ, User Request
5 32 CME, Command Error
4 16 EXE, Execution Error
3 8 DDE, Device Dependent Error
2 4 QYE, Query Error
1 2 RQC, Request Control (not used)
0 1 Operation Complete

Returned Format (*ESE?)

<Decimal data>