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Get contents of file. At the start of the response is the header e.g., #800001234, containing the information about the length of the file. The first digit after “#” symbol tells how many next symbols are used to encode the file size. So, in the example above, 8 digits are used to encode the file size, which is 1234 bytes. The file data follow immediately after the header.

Command Syntax

MMEMory:DATA? <filename>



MMEMory:CDIRectory scenarios


MMEMory:DATA? Scen02


#800000337StartTime 01/06/2009 00:00:00
Duration 31 23 44 0
NavigationData Default
EventData None
NumSignals 16
Startpos 60.00000000 degN 24.00000000 degE 587.0000 m
UserTrajectory Circle
TrajectoryParameters 400 10 -1
AntennaModel Zero model
IonoModel 1
TropoModel Saastamoinen
Temperature 15
Pressure 1100
Humidity 50
MinElev 0
NrSBASChannels 2