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Note: This SCPI command is only supported if the Spoofing Range Option is installed (OPT-SPF license, see GSG Series Model Variants and Options.)


The Clock Model command is used in the context of simulating the spoofing of mobile equipment. This command allows to adjust the time-of-transmission in order to compensate for time-of-flight. Information on the Query Clock Model command can be found under SOURce:SCENario:CLKMDL?.

Command Syntax

SOURce:SCENario:CLKMDL <decimal>,<decimal>,<decimal>,<decimal>


The Clock Model is described by the following parameters:

Clock Model parameters

Parameter Unit Range Description
t0 s >0 Scenario elapsed time when parameters a0, a1 and a2 were measured. When t0 is set, its value must be within ±10 seconds compared to the current elapsed scenario time.
a0 m ±10000 Clock bias measured at t0.
a1 m/s ±100 Clock drift at t0.
a2 m/s² ±10 Rate of clock drift.

At the time t, the clock offset is then calculated as follows:

  • Δt = t – t0
  • bias (meters) = a0 + Δt( a1 + 0.5 * Δt * a2)


SOURce:CLKMDL commands are accepted only while a scenario is running.


SOUR:SCEN:CLKMDL 10.000000,2000.000000,-10.000000,0.000000