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This command creates a duplicate of the satellite with the given satID using the provided multipath parameters. The parameters include the Range Offset, Range Change, Range Interval, Doppler Offset, Doppler Change, Doppler Interval, Power Offset, Power Change and Power Interval.

The final optional satID can be used to specify which existing satellite is to be replaced by the newly created duplicate. If this satID is not provided, and there are no free channels, the command will fail, and produce an error.


Multipath satellites require 60 seconds to be created and are introduced at modulo 30 second intervals. The GSG can only introduce 4 duplicate satellites at a time and at a maximum rate of one satellite every two seconds. Multipath, SBAS and interference/jamming channels cannot be the duplicated. This command is only available when the scenario is running. Note that excessive changes to Range or Doppler may result in Doppler shifts greater than the system can handle and cause the satellites to shutdown due to exceeding the hardware capabilities.

Command Syntax

SOURce:SCENario:DUPlicate <TIME>,<satID>,<decimal>,<decimal>, <decimal>,<decimal>,<decimal>,<integer>,<decimal>,<decimal>, <integer>[,<satID>]


TIME – As TIME argument only IMMediate is supported.

satID – Satellite identifier of the satellite to duplicate

Decimal [-999.999,999.999] – Range offset in meters

Decimal [-99.999,99.999] – Range Change rate in meters/interval

Decimal [0.0,600.0] – Range Interval in seconds

Decimal [-99.9999,99.9999] – Doppler offset in meters

Decimal [-99.9999,99.9999] – Doppler Change rate in meters/sec/interval

Integer [0,600] – Doppler Interval in seconds

Decimal [-30.0,6.0] – Power offset in meters

Decimal [-30.0,0.0] – Power Change rate in dB/interval

Integer [0,600] – Power Interval in seconds

satID – Optional satellite identifier for which satellite that is to be replaced by the duplicate



SOURce:SCENario:DUPlicate IMM,G3,1.0,2.0,3.0,4.0,5.0,6,7.0,-8.0,9,G9