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Set the ECEF position in X, Y and Z coordinates as the start position for the loaded scenario or the current position, if the scenario is running.

The X, Y, and Z position is given in decimal meters. The recommended decimal accuracy of ECEF is 2 decimal digits. No benefit for ECEF positions is achieved at accuracies greater than 4 digits.

Command Syntax

SOURce:SCENario:ECEFPOSition TIME,<decimal>,<decimal>,<decimal>


If a scenario is armed and not running yet, an error is returned.


Decimal X Position [-26 500 000.00, +26 500 000.00] meters

Decimal Y Position [-26 500 000.00, +26 500 000.00] meters

Decimal Z Position [-26 500 000.00, +26 500 000.00] meters

TIME must be IMMediate.


The maximum altitude for normal operation is 18470 meters. (Altitude for Extended Limits is 20,200 Km.)



SOURce:SCENario:ECEFPOSition IMM,2920791.72, 1300420.26, 5500650.33