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This command sets the multipath parameters for satellite with a satID. The parameters include the Range Offset, Range Change, Range Interval, Doppler Offset, Doppler Change, Doppler Interval, Power Offset, Power Change and Power Interval.

After issuing the command the target satellite becomes a multipath satellite and this is reflected in the satID as multipath satellites have a trailing character ‘D’ at the end of their satID.

We can have several multipath satellites with the same satID. In such cases the optional parameter n can be used to specify that we want to act on the n:th instance of these. If the n parameter is left out the command acts on the first satellite found with matching satID.

If the satID is left out, the parameter n is mandatory and specifies that the command it to act on the n:th multipath satellite configured.

Command Syntax

SOURce:SCENario:MULtipath[n] <TIME>,<satID>],


  • By leaving out the satID the command can be executed before the scenario has started to alter the scenario configuration. For this to be successful the scenario configuration must have at least n number of multipath signals already defined. Furthermore the scenario must be started using the SCPI Scenario:Control Start command for the modification to be effective. Note also that the changed configuration will not be saved to the scenario configuration file.
  • This command cannot be used with SBAS and interference/jamming channels.
  • Excessive changes to Range or Doppler may result in Doppler shifts greater than the system can handle and the satellites to shutdown.


TIME - As TIME argument only IMMediate is supported.

satID – Satellite identifier of the satellite to update

Decimal [-999.0,999.0] – Range offset in meters

Decimal [-99.0,99.0] – Range Change rate in meters/interval

Decimal [0.0,600.0] – Range Interval in seconds

Decimal [-99.0,99.0] – Doppler offset in meters

Decimal [-99.0,99.0] – Doppler Change rate in meters/sec/interval

Integer [0,600] – Doppler Interval in seconds

Decimal [-30.0,6.0] – Power offset in meters

Decimal [-30.0,0.0] – Power Change rate in dB/interval

Integer [0,600] – Power Interval in seconds