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Turn on scenario observations.

All parameters are seconds.

Start is the number of seconds from scenario start.

Duration is length of observations from start. Interval is the interval between the individual observations in the resulting Rinex OBS file.

Observations files are created in observations/ with name <scenarioName> <yyyymmddhhmmss>.obs, where the date is the date of the first observation in the file.

Observation files can be retrieved using the MMEMory commands. Maximum length for each file is 1 hour (3600 seconds). If duration is longer than 1 hour, then multiple files are created.

Command Syntax

SOURce:SCENario:OBServation <start>,<duration>,<interval>


Decimal start [-1,nnn] seconds. If ‘-1’ is used the logging will start immediately when a command is received, and this is only available when the scenario is running.

Decimal duration [-1,nnn] seconds. If ‘-1’ is used the logging will continue until the scenario is running

Decimal interval [1,3600] seconds



SOURce:SCENario:OBS 10,3600,1