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Set latitude, longitude and altitude for the geodetic position (WGS84) as the start position for the loaded scenario, or the current position if the scenario is running.

Latitude and longitude are defined using decimal degrees. The altitude is given in meters as altitude over an ellipsoid.

For latitude and longitude, the recommended decimal accuracy is 8 digits, with 6 digits being the minimum recommended accuracy.  No benefit is achieved at accuracies greater than 10 digits for latitude or longitude.

The altitude can be specified to a resolution down to two digits or centimeter level.  No benefit is achieved with altitude accuracies greater than 4 decimal digits.

Note: In order to use this command in real time, OPT-RSG is required.

Command Syntax

SOURce:SCENario:POSition TIME,<decimal>,<decimal>,<decimal>


TIME must be IMMediate.

Decimal Latitude [-89.99999999, +89.99999999] degrees North

Decimal Longitude [-360.00000000, +360.00000000] degrees East

Decimal Altitude [-1000.00, +20,200,000.00] meters


If a scenario is armed but not running yet, an error is returned.

The maximum altitude for normal operation is 18470 meters. (With Extended Limits it is 20,200 km).

This command changes duration of the currently loaded scenario, but does not change the scenario file, so that when you try to edit the scenario, you will see unchanged parameters from the file.



SOURce:SCENario:POSition IMM,-77.58895432,43.08332157,168.58