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This command supports the Galileo Return Link Acknowledgement Service by sending out a Return Link Message to a user in distress, thereby informing him that his distress signal has been detected and located. For more information, see RLS (Return Link Service).

The SCPI command is available in two variants:

Command Syntax

Short RLM message:

SOURce:SCENario:RLM 0,satID,int1,int2,int2,int4

Long RLM message

SOURce:SCENario:RLM 1,satID,int1,int2,int3,int4,int5,int6,int7,int8


RLM [x]: 0 = short message; 1 = long message

satID: The satellite chosen to transmit the message (PRN).

int1...0: an unassigned decimal integer, representing 20 bits of RLM (SAR) data transmitted within the INAV page, as illustrated below:

For additional information, see the Galileo Open Service Signal in Space Interface Control Document.