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Service Request Enable

Sets the service request enable register bits. This enable register contains a mask value for the bits to be enabled in the status byte register. A bit that is set true in the enable register enables the corresponding bit in the status byte register to generate a Service Request.

Command Syntax

*SRE <Decimal data>


<> = the sum (between 0 and 255) of all bits that are true.

Service Request Enable Register (1 = enable)
Bit Weight Enables
7 128 OPR, Operation Status
6 64 RQS, Request Service
5 32 ESB, Event Status Bit
4 16 MAV, Message Available
3 8 QUE, Questionable Data/Signal Status
2 4 EAV, Error Available
1 2 Not used
0 1 Device Status

Returned format



<Integer> = the sum of all bits that are set.


*SRE 1


In this example, the device generates a service request when a message is available in the output queue.