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Enables operation status reporting by setting the enable bits of the Operation Status Enable register.

This register contains a mask value for the bits to be enabled in the Operation Status Event register. A bit that is set True in the enable register enables the corresponding bit in the status register.

An enabled bit will set bit #7, OPR (Operation Status Bit), in the Status Byte Register if the enabled event occurs.

Command Syntax

STATus:OPERation:ENABle <Decimal data>


<decimal data> = the sum (between 0 and 96) of all bits that are true. See table below:

Bit Weight Condition
6 64 Waiting for bus arming
5 32 Waiting for triggering and / or external arming

Returned Format

<Decimal data>




In this example, waiting for triggering, bit 5, will set the OPR-bit of the Status Byte.