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This SYSTem command queries the error queue for an ASCII text description of the next error and removes it from the queue. The error messages are placed in an error queue, with a FIFO (First In-First Out) structure. This queue is summarized in the Error AVailable (EAV) bit in the status byte.

The System Error command is extended with relevant command and protocol errors.  It will allow the user to determine:

  • Scheduled commands arrive too late to meet their required pre-processing time based on their timestamps.
  • The user can configure protocol to flag error in situation where:
    • More than one position command is received during same epoch, and the commands contradict (not complement) each other. Values are not analyzed to determine contradiction, but only type of data (e.g., two position information commands are deemed to contradict, even if the actual position would not change.). In these situations only the last received information is served (no queue system used). The default configuration is NOT to flag error.
    • No position information is received during the epoch. The default configuration is NOT to flag error.

Command Syntax



All SOURce:SCENario commands are only available during scenario execution. If scenario is not running these error codes are to be returned (for both set and get functions);

  • -191,"Execution not in progress".

Returned format

<error number>,"<Error Description String>"


<Error Description String> = an error description as ASCII text.