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Sensors Command Reference

As the GSG unit simulates a user’s movement along a given trajectory, it can also be configured to output sensor data generated by the user dynamics. The generated sensor output data is a result of the user exercising his six degrees of freedom:

  • forward/backward
  • left/right
  • up/down , as well as the rotations around the three perpendicular axes:
  • pitch
  • yaw
  • roll.

All sensors are initially mounted so that at start of the simulation the sensor’s coordinate system XYZ is aligned with the user's ENU system (East, North, Up).

  • The X axis has a positive direction towards the right side of the sensor.
  • The Y axis has a positive direction towards the front of the sensor.
  • The Z axis has a positive direction towards the top of the sensor.

At the start of a scenario, the X axis corresponds to the east/west axes of the ENU system while the front of the sensor—positive direction on the Y axis—is pointing to the north.