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Data Types

The Real-time Scenario Generation (RSG) commands transfer the data as ASCII strings. However, coordinate systems, units of measure, Earth Models, base data types and accuracy limits are required to implement this in the software. These attributes and values are listed in this section.

Coordinate Systems

  • Geodetic (Cartesian)
  • Earth Centered Earth Fixed (ECEF)

Earth Model

  • WGS-84


  • Time into scenario is given in second and 100 millisecond accuracy.
Field Type Default Units
Latitude <DOUBLE> decimal degrees
Longitude <DOUBLE> decimal degrees
Altitude <DOUBLE> meters.<2digit centimeters>
ECEF X <DOUBLE> meters.<2digit centimeters>
ECEF Y <DOUBLE> meters.<2digit centimeters>
ECEF Z <DOUBLE> meters.<2digit centimeters>
VelocityNS <DOUBLE > meters/second
VelocityEW <DOUBLE > meters/second
VelocityUD <DOUBLE > meters/second
AcelNW <DOUBLE > meters/second/second
AcelEW <DOUBLE > meters/second/second
AcelUD <DOUBLE > meters/second/second
Heading (psi) <DOUBLE > +/- degrees
Heading Rate <DOUBLE > +/- degrees/second
Pitch (theta) <DOUBLE > +/- radians
Roll (phi) <DOUBLE > +/- radians
Pitch Rate <DOUBLE > radians/sec
Roll Rate <DOUBLE > radians/sec
Yaw Rate <DOUBLE > radians/sec