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Sets the rate of change in Vehicle Attitude in 3-dimensions about the center of mass as Pitch Rate, Roll Rate, and Yaw Rate when scenario is running. The Rate of Attitude change terms are defined in Degrees per second.

When the PRY rate is active the changes will be applied in the order of pitch, roll, and yaw. Note that this order matters and can’t be controlled by user, but angle arguments will have to adapt to this order.

Command Syntax

SOURce:SCENario:DPRYRate TIME,<decimal>,<decimal>,<decimal>


Decimal Pitch Rate [-3600, +3600] Degrees per second

Decimal Roll Rate [-3600, +3600] Degrees per second

Decimal Yaw Rate [-3600, +3600] Degrees per second



SOURce:SCENario:DPRYRate 123.4,-2.0000,2.0000,1.0000