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SOURce:SCENario:PRYattitude TIME


Sets the Vehicle Attitude in 3-dimensions about the center of mass as Pitch, Roll, and Yaw when scenario is running. The terms are defined in Radians.

The pitch argument will be positive when pitching from forward to up. The roll argument is positive when rotating from up to right.  The yaw argument is positive when rotating from forward to right. The angles are applied in the order of pitch, roll and finally yaw. The user cannot impact this order by applying the pitch, roll, and yaw as separate calls.

Command Syntax

SOURce:SCENario:PRYattitude TIME,<decimal>,<decimal>,<decimal>


Decimal Pitch [-π, +π] Radians

Decimal Roll [-π, +π] Radians

Decimal Yaw [-π, +π] Radians



SOURce:SCENario:PRYattitude -2.0000,2.0000,1.0000