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Underflow and Overflow

Underflow and overflow errors are signaled by the GSG unit. The possible errors which can be retrieved with the command SYSTem:ERRor[:NEXT]?.

The relevant error codes are:

  • -193 “RSG command overflow occurred.”
  • -194 “RSG command underflow detected.”

The GSG unit will flag the overflow error in a situation where redundant or conflicting information is given during the same epoch, i.e., giving position both using the SOURce:SCENario:ECEFPOSition as well as the SOURce:SCENario:POSition command would trigger an overflow error. The overflow error will always trigger by default in such situations. Would redundant data come in the later commands will overwrite the earlier information.

The underflow error detection is by default not used but has to be explicitly set ON using the command listed in previous chapter. When in usage GSG will require at least one RSG command to come in every epoch (100 ms). Would there be an out take in this command stream GSG will set the error flag that indicates, e.g., problems in communication with host.