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Accessing the GSG Web Interface

To connect to the The GSG Web UI, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the IP address of the GSG unit you want to connect to, by navigating to Options > Interface and Reference. The IP address will be listed under the Network menu item.
  2. Open a Web browser (such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer), and enter the IP address into the address bar.
  3. Once connected, the browser will display a graphical representation of the front panel of your GSG unit. You can click the buttons to perform operations as you would if you were physically doing so from the front panel of the unit. The functionality of the buttons and options is detailed in the Section Front Panel. The only exception is the Power button, which restarts the unit (instead of powering it OFF).

    The Primary Navigation Menu on top of the Web UI provides access to the following menu items:

    • GSG FILES: Provides access to all scenario configuration files and log files of your GSG unit. The files can be viewed and downloaded with a Web browser.
      • To upload a file, click Choose Files to browse directories, e.g., on a connected PC. Multiple files can be uploaded at one time, provided that the combined size of the files does not exceed 10 MB.
      • Then click Upload. If the upload is successful, the directory will be refreshed, otherwise a status page will list the files that could not be uploaded, and the reason why the upload failed.
      • Please note the following file type requirements:
        antennaModels: *.ant
        calibration: *.cal
        events: *.even
        scenarios: *.scen
        trajectories: *.traj or *.nmea.
        File types of uploaded observations and navigationData will not be verified.

        Example GSG Web UI, showing a logged GPS almanac file

    • STUDIOVIEW: Opens the Spectracom website/StudioView web page:
    • DOCUMENTATION: Opens the Spectracom website/StudioView web page: Documentation
    • REGISTRATION: Opens the Spectracom website/StudioView web page: