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Updating the GSG Firmware via StudioView

GSG StudioView is used to perform a firmware update. It is recommended that you always use the latest available GSG firmware, and that you use the latest available StudioView version to update the GSG firmware. For the latest StudioView version, and GSG firmware version, see

  1. To determine which firmware version is currently installed on your GSG unit, navigate to Options > Show system information.
  2. To determine the latest GSG firmware version, and download it to your Personal Computer, see the link above. This link also points to firmware update instructions.
  3. Note: If you register your GSG unit, you will be notified of new firmware releases:

    Please note the following:

    • Prior to updating the firmware, please read the corresponding release notes containing further update instructions. If the firmware version on your GSG unit is V4.05 or lower, several updates must be performed in the correct sequence. It is possible, albeit not recommended, to back out a firmware update by installing the previous version on top. To obtain the firmware updates 2.03, 2.04, and 4.07 please contact Spectracom Support by clicking the Request Service and Product Support link at
    • In order for the instrument to communicate with the PC Software the NI VISA runtime software is required. The StudioView installation wizard will notify you, but if necessary, the NI VISA runtime software can also be downloaded directly from the National Instruments website:

    • Once a firmware upload is initiated from StudioView, any running scenario will be stopped, and the upgrade process status will be displayed instead. First, the progress of the file transfer is displayed. After the file transfer is complete, the actual upgrade operation is made. Finally, the GSG-5/6 unit will reboot with the new firmware installed.
    • The Windows Personal Computer onto which you will download the new firmware must have GSG StudioView installed on it, and must be connected to your GSG unit e.g., via Ethernet.
  4. Once you have prepared the firmware upgrade as outlined above, proceed to the topic Uploading StudioView Files.