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Transmitting RTCM Messages With StudioView

The RTCM Transmission1Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services function allows to re-transmit RTCM message from the GSG unit to the external receiver. In order to use this function, a virtual Base Station has to be configured (see also: Base station) and used in your scenario, and the external receiver has to be connected to the serial port.

  1. To open the RTCM Transmission window in StudioView, navigate to Tools > RTCM Transmission or click .
  2. Click to open the Connections Manager tool (for details, see Connecting StudioView to GSG.)
  3. Click to configure the serial port, or use the dropdown menu.
  4. If required, specify the Delay in seconds.
  5. To start transmitting RTCM messages to the selected unit, click .
  6. The button will appear, with a counter of all the RTCM messages transmitted.

  7. To stop the transmission, click .

See also these SCPI commands: SOURce:SCENario:RTCM? , SOURce:SCENario:RTCMCFG? and SOURce:SCENario:RTCMCFG.