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Configuring a Scenario

A scenario is the dataset describing a simulation in terms of starting position, duration, trajectory, events and other parameters which you may want to include in your simulation. GSG units come with several predefined scenarios (depending on the GSG model). You may also use StudioView to create your own scenarios, save them to a file and upload them to the GSG unit. The GSG unit will execute the simulation in accordance with the parameters specified in the scenario file.

Scenario data is stored in a text file. To show/hide text of scenario file, click .To configure the scenario, fill in the appropriate fields under the tabs described below.

Once you have completed your scenario configuration, save it and upload the scenario file to the GSG unit by clicking .

Note: StudioView stores all files in a directory chosen during the installation process. By default, the repository is located at C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Spectracom\GSG StudioView\Repository. You may save your scenario in any other folder, but please note you must also save any trajectory, event, antenna pattern, or navigation files you may want to include to your scenario in the same folder.

The Scenario Editor provides access to all essential scenario parameters. To access the Scenario Editor, click , or navigate to Tools > Scenario Editor:

Scenario Editor