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Running a Scenario

During scenario execution, you can ...

  • Press view to display up to 6 different views to monitor the execution of your test scenario (see Scenario Execution Views).

  • Press menu to display the scenario configuration (grayed out, because editing is not permitted during scenario execution).
  • Press the [.] / hold key to pause/resume moving along the trajectory. When the trajectory is paused, the HOLD symbol is displayed in the corner of the screen, the speed is 0.0 m/s, but the simulation clock continues to run.
  • Press the arrow keys to change all power levels (for more power adjustment options, see Setting Transmit Power.)
  • Press ± / format
    • …in View 1, to change the coordinate format between three geodetic and one geocentric formats, i.e., Lat, Lon, Alt will be shown either in format DD MM.mmmm, DD MM, DD.dddd or X, Y, Z.
    • …when dBm is highlighted, to toggle between frequencies (L1 ...ALL) and their power levels
  • Press N/S to show the Transmit Power menu, and enable/disable/adjust noise settings.
  • Press E/W to adjust the units displayed for Altitude and Speed (m/m/s  >   ft/kn  >  ft/mph).

Note: The scenario will continue to run in the background, even if you view a display other than the Scenario Execution Views.

Note: When you press exit to leave a menu, its settings will be taken into use immediately, and all band- or satellite-specific offsets are discarded.