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Uploading StudioView Files

GSG StudioView's Uploader tool is used to upload scenario files and firmware updates from your StudioView PC to a connected GSG unit, and vice versa. (For more information on firmware upgrades, see Updating the GSG Firmware via StudioView.)

Note that for uploading scenarios the Uploader is the preferred tool over the File Manager (see Transferring Files With StudioView), since the Uploader automatically uploads all files belonging to a scenario. The File Manager is meant to transfer individual files e.g., a standalone trajectory file.

Using the StudioView Uploader for the First Time

In order for GSG to communicate with StudioView, the NI VISA Run-Time engine is required, which can be downloaded directly from the National Instruments website.

  1. Once VISA Run-Time and GSG StudioView are installed, start GSG StudioView.
    From the Application Tips screen, or from the toolbar under Tools, select Uploader.
  2. On the Uploader screen, click Select devices for uploading.
  3. The Connections window will open, displaying all TCP/IP, GPIB and USB connections. Click the PLUS icon to add an ETH device, or the Refresh icon to search for more devices and update the list.

    To obtain your GSG's IP address or change the interface type, select Interface and Reference from the GSG Options menu:

  4. Note: This screen may vary, based on your installed firmware version.

  5. Click the Test button to verify the connection: