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TACACS+ Authentication

Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System Plus (TACACS+) is a protocol that handles authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) services. NetClock supports pam_tacplus, allowing users to validate their username/password when logging into NetClock via a TACACS+ server. Currently, http/https/ssh/telnet/ftp protocols are supported, i.e. you can login to a NetClock unit using TACACS+ authentication via applications using any of these protocols.

Caution: In order to utilize TACACS+ authentication, the account username on the TACACS+ server must NOT be used with a local user account.


A user with the username user3 on the TACACS+ server will not be able to login to a NetClock unit, if on that unit a local user account with the username user3 exists. However, once the user deleted the local user3 account, she will be able to login with the TACACS+ user3 account.

Sources of general reference information on TACACS+:

See also RADIUS Authentication

Enabling/Disabling TACACS+

To enable or disable the use of TACACS+ authentication on a NetClock unit:

  1. In the Web UI, navigate to MANAGEMENT > OTHER: Authentication.
  2. In the Actions panel on the left, click TACACS+. The TACACS+ Setup window will be displayed.
  3. Check the box labeled HTTP/HTTPS if you want to enable TACACS+, or uncheck the box if you want to disable TACACS+.
  4. Click Submit.

Adding/Removing a TACACS+ Server

To add a TACACS+ authentication server, or remove a server from the list:

  1. Navigate to MANAGEMENT > OTHER: Authentication.
  2. In the Actions panel on the left, click TACACS+ Setup. The TACACS+ Setup window will be displayed:
  3. Fill out the fields:
    • Host: The hostname or IP address of the TACACS+ server
    • Port: Defines the TACACS+ Port to use.
    • Secret Key: The same encryption key as used on the TACACS+ server.
  4. Click the Add Server button. A confirmation message The item has been added will be displayed if the server could be added, and the server will be added to the list. The server status can be:
    • DISABLED: The TACACS+ service is disabled.
    • UNREACHABLE: This TACACS+ server cannot be reached.
    • REACHABLE: This TACACS+ server can be reached.
  5. To remove a TACACS+ server from the list, click the X-button in the Actions column.

Note: NetClock supports multiple TACACS+ servers. The system performance, however, will be negatively affected by a large number of servers or invalid servers, respectively.