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Managing User Accounts

Users need to authenticate as the login to NetClock. The system administrator is responsible for maintaining a list of user accounts (user names, passwords etc.) via the MANAGEMENT > OTHER: Authentication screen of the NetClock Web UI (HTTP/HTTPS). Note that user accounts CANNOT be created or edited via CLI commands using telnet or SSH.

To read more about how to login to the Web UI, see Accessing the Web UI.

Types of Accounts

There are three types of accounts:

Account Type Permissions
"user" These accounts are intended for users only e.g., operators. These "user" accounts are read-only accounts, i.e. they do not allow any editing rights and are restricted to reviewing status-related information. The Web UI will not show (or gray-out) any editing functionality.
"admin" Administrator accounts are intended to be used by system administrators. These accounts have writing access. You can add additional admin accounts to the pre-installed administrator account spadmin.
"factory" The default factory account with the username spfactory is meant to provide access to Spectracom technical support personnel. You can delete this account, if you so prefer. Note, however, that executing the Clean and Halt command (see Cleaning the Configuration Files and Halting the System) will recreate the Factory account.

About "user" Account Permissions

As outlined above – unlike "administrator" accounts – "user" accounts are read-only accounts, i.e. they do not allow any editing rights and are restricted to reviewing status-related information. Otherwise, the privileges assigned to admin groups are exactly the same whether logging in via the Web UI, or connecting via SSH.

Rules for Usernames

  • Length: Usernames can be between 3 and 32 characters long.
  • Accepted characters:
    • All letters, including the first, must be lower-case.
    • Numbers, underscores and dashes are accepted.
    • Next to punctuation symbols, the following special characters are NOT accepted: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( )

Adding/Deleting/Changing User Accounts

To access the Users list, and the Password Security panel:

  1. Navigate to MANAGEMENT > OTHER: Authentication.
  2. The Users panel on the right shows a list of all user accounts, including their Username, the Group to which that user account is assigned to, and any Notes about the user account:

NetClock units are shipped with two default accounts:

  1. The "administrator" account (spadmin), and
  2. The "factory" service account (spfactory).

Additional accounts may be added and deleted as desired. The number of accounts that can be setup is virtually unlimited.

Note: The password for the spadmin account can be changed (and it is recommended to do so for security reasons). However, the spadmin account name cannot be changed, and the account cannot be removed from NetClock.

Note: The spfactory account is for use by Spectracom service personnel. While the spfactory account can be deleted by an administrator, it should be noted that this may potentially limit remotely provided technical support.

User accounts can be created to have either limited user or full administrator rights. Each user can be assigned his own login password.

  • To ADD a user account, click the PLUS icon in the top-right corner of the Users screen.
  • To DELETE a user account, click the Delete button in that account’s entry on the Users screen.
  • To APPLY CHANGES to a user account, click the Change button next to the desired user account.

When either the Change button or the PLUS icon is clicked, the Add or Change User window appears:

For more information, see also Managing Passwords.