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Configuring the Front Panel

Note: This Section applies to NetClock 9483 only.

The front panel of the NetClock unit comprises three elements which can be configured via the NetClock Web UI:

  • The keypad, which—in conjunction with the information display—can be used to access NetClock's main functions directly via the unit's front panel. To prevent inadvertent keypad operation, it can be locked and unlocked from the Web UI. Learn more about front panel keypad operation: Front Panel Keypad, and Display.
  • The information display: A 4-line LCD display that can be configured to display different screens, and that is used in conjunction with the keypad.
  • The LED time display which can be configured to show the current time (UTC, TAI, GPS or Local timescale) in either 12- or 24-hour format. By factory default, the LED will display UTC time in 24-hour format.