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Setting Up a Temporary IP Address Remotely

f your network supports DHCP, your NetClock 9489 may have automatically been assigned an IP address by a DHCP server (if DHCP had been enabled on the unit after initial setup and configuration). In this scenario, you can perform remote commands for initial network setup by using the MAC address information of your NetClock 9489. This method also applies to statically configured IP networks.


Before beginning, ensure the following prerequisites are met:

  • If it is desired to configure the NetClock 9489 with a static IP address, it must be a unique IP address not already assigned to another device via DHCP, or that has not already been statically assigned to another device.
  • Ensure that the operator or administrator‘s PC and the NetClock 9489 are on the same subnet, and that the arp and ping commands can be issued from the workstation.

Complete the following steps:

  1. From the rear panel of your NetClock 9489, locate the label displaying the MAC address of your unit. Write down or record the MAC address information.
  2. Login to the operator‘s workstation and open a command prompt window.
  3. Install the NetClock 9489 on your network and the same subnet as the workstation.
  4. Power on the NetClock 9489 (wait for 2 minutes for the system to fully boot).
  5. From the command prompt, issue the following commands:

From a Windows Operating System

On Windows operating systems, you will need elevated privileges to execute these commands. This can be accomplished using the runas command line program, or by holding CTRL + Right-clicking the command prompt icon, and selecting Run as Administrator.

  • ping -l 408 IP_ADDRESS

Where IP_ADDRESS is the desired static IP address, and MAC_ADDRESS MAC address of your NetClock 9489. For example:

  • arp -s 00-AA-11-BB-22-CC
  • ping -l 408

From a UNIX or GNU/Linux Operating System:

You must have administrative/root privileges to execute these commands.

  • sudo arp -s IP_ADDRESS MAC_ADDRESS
  • sudo ping -s 408 IP_ADDRESS

Where IP_ADDRESS is the desired static IP address, and MAC_ADDRESS is the MAC address of your NetClock 9489. For example:

  • arp -s 00:AA:11:BB:22:CC
  • ping -s 408

Note: You must complete this process within 5 minutes of the system booting, or else you will need to restart the NetClock system, and then restart from step 4. This is also a temporary IP address that will not persist through power cycles.

  1. Open a web browser and enter the NetClock‘s IP address into the browser‘s address bar to access the NetClock Web UI. Login as an administrator. Navigate to MANAGEMENT > Network Setup and set your permanent IP configuration and network settings.