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If a Secure Unit Becomes Inaccessible

Spectracom assumes that you are responsible for the physical security of the product. Spectracom secure products are recommended to be locked in a secure enclosure, cabinet or room. Unauthorized persons are not to be given access to the product nor should a serial cable and terminal program be attached unless the system administrator is configuring or performing maintenance.

A secure NetClock may become inaccessible if:

  • your company disables HTTPS
  • you lose the system passwords
  • you allow the Certificate to expire
  • someone deletes the Certificate and Private Keys and deletes the Host Keys
  • you forget the Passphrase.

To regain access to the NetClock unit, you must utilize the front panel keypad and LCD in order to restore the spadmin account’s default password.

The spadmin account can then be used to enable HTTPS using the “defcert” command. The “defcert” command generates a new self-signed SSL certificate.

Refer to Front Panel Keypad, and Display for information on using the keypad and LCD information display.