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Status Monitoring of Input References

NetClock’s input references can be monitored in real time through the INTERFACES menus. The menus will populate dynamically, depending on which references are available.

  • To display all references, navigate to INTERFACES > REFERENCES.
  • To display all references of a given type, click on the entry for that reference type (not indented e.g., GNSS Reference).
  • To display one particular reference, click on its entry (indented e.g., GNSS 0).

    The Reference window will show the validity status for the chosen reference(s):

  • You can also click on any of the connectors shown in the rear panel illustration to highlight/identify the corresponding reference:

    To display more status information for a particular input reference, click the corresponding INFO button:

    The reference window being displayed will show additional status information and option-card specific settings. The type of input reference, and the option card model determine which status information and option card settings will be displayed.

    To change settings, click the Edit button in the bottom left corner.