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Viewing Input/Output Configuration Settings

The configurable settings of any NetClock input or output interface can be viewed in its Status window. The Status window can be accessed in several ways; the procedure below describes the standard way:

  1. Identify the name of the option module, (e.g., NENA) and the name of the input or output you want to configure (e.g., ASCII Output 0).
  2. Note: If you have only one input or output of any type, NetClock will number that input or output 0. Additional inputs or outputs will be numbered 1 or above.

  3. Navigate to INTERFACES > OPTION CARDS, and click the list entry of the option module identified above. The option module’s Status Summary panel opens:
  4. Click on the INFO button next to the input or output whose settings you wish to review. The Status window will open:
  5. If you want to change any of the settings shown in the Status window, click the Edit button in the bottom-left corner. The Edit window will open:
  6. Information about the configurable settings can be found in the corresponding option module section, see NetClock 9483—Available Option Modules, or NetClock 9489 In-/Outputs.