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Viewing an Input/Output Signal State

To view if an input or output is currently enabled or disabled, go to the option module’s Status Summary panel:

  1. Identify the name of the option module, (e.g., NENA), and the name of the input or output you want to configure (e.g., ASCII Output 0).
  2. Note: If you have only one input or output of any type, NetClock will number that input or output 0. Additional inputs or outputs will be numbered 1 or above.

  3. Navigate to the INTERFACES > OPTION CARDS drop-down menu, and click the list entry of the option module identified above. The option module’s Status Summary panel opens:

All the inputs and/or outputs of this option module are listed in the Status Summary panel.

In accordance with the Signature Control setting, and the Lock Status, the current signal state for an output is indicated as:

  • ENABLED (green); or
  • DISABLED (orange)

The current state of an input signal is indicated as:

  • VALID (in green); or
  • INVALID (in red)

The Status Summary panel will be refreshed automatically every 30 seconds. Click the Refresh button (circling arrows) on the right to refresh the status instantaneously. A slight refreshment delay is normal (the duration depends on the configuration of your system.)