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Connecting Inputs and Outputs

NetClock can synchronize not only to an external GNSS reference signal, but also to other optional external references such as IRIG, HAVE QUICK and ASCII inputs (in addition to network based references such as NTP and/or PTP).

At the same time, NetClock can output timing and frequency signals for the consumption by other devices via the same formats as listed above.


With the available IRIG Input/Output option card module (Model 1204-05) installed in an option bay, IRIG time code from an IRIG generator can also be applied as an external reference input (either in addition to, or in lieu of GNSS, NTP, user set time and other available reference inputs).

To use e.g., an external IRIG reference, connect the IRIG time source to the BNC connector “J1” on the optional IRIG Input/Output module. For additional information on optional connectivity, such as pinout tables, signal levels and other specifications, see Option Modules.

Note that some option cards offer both input and output functionality, while others offer only one or the other.