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Setting GNSS Receiver Dynamics

This Receiver Dynamics setting further refines the reception characteristics for the different receiver modes (see above). It also determines if the receiver will automatically resurvey after NetClock reboots.

Note: This option only applies to u-blox M8T Receivers and Trimble Res-T Receivers (RES-SMT-GG and SAASM GPS do NOT support this.)

Caution: If you select a setting that does NOT resurvey, and subsequently relocate your unit (antenna) by more than 100 m, u-blox M8T and Trimble Res-T receivers will NOT detect the new position, and hence provide an incorrect time.

For more information about the GNSS Survey, see Deleting the GNSS Receiver Position.

For more information on Receiver Modes, see Selecting a GNSS Receiver Mode.

The following table illustrates the interdependence between Receiver Dynamics, Receiver Mode (see Selecting a GNSS Receiver Mode) and receiver type:

Receiver dynamics, ~modes, ~ dynamics, ~ types

Receiver Mode Receiver Dynamics
Sea Air Stationary
(No Resurvey)
Single Satellite irrelevant irrelevant irrelevant irrelevant
Mobile (with u-blox receivers)
Mobile (with Trimble receivers)
(not recommended)


  • Trimble Res-T and Res-SMT-GG receivers will report Land dynamics during a survey until the survey is complete. Then the dynamics becomes Stationary. This also indicates that the receiver has completed the survey.
  • The u-blox M8T receiver now uses Land to indicate it will RESURVEY on reboot, and Stationary to indicate it will not resurvey after reboot.