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Troubleshooting – 1PPS, 10 MHz Outputs

If the 1PPS and/or the 10 MHz output(s) (the latter is only available on NetClock 9483) are not present, input power may not be applied. Or NetClock is not synchronized to its input references and Signature Control is enabled.

Web UI Page Current Status Indication Troubleshooting

HOME page

Reference Status Table One or more input references indicate “Not Valid” (red) All available Input References have been lost. The Reference Status table on this same page will show the current status of all inputs (Green is valid and red is not valid, or not present). If Signature Control is enabled in this state, the output may be disabled, see The Outputs Screen.
1. Make sure the Input Reference Priority table still has the desired inputs enabled, based on desired priority.
2. Make sure desired input references are still connected to the correct input port of NetClock.
3. Verify GNSS antenna installation (if applicable).

Navigate to INTERFACES/OUTPUTS/ PPS Output page

Select the PPS Output screen. See The Outputs Screen. Signature Control will show
"Output Always Enabled",
"Output Enabled in Holdover",
"Output Disabled in Holdover" or "Output Always Disabled".
1. With "Output Always Enabled" selected, the selected output will be present no matter the current synchronization state.2. Any other configured value will cause the applicable output to be halted if NetClock is not fully synchronized with its input references.

Troubleshooting 1PPS and/or 10 MHz outputs not being present