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Troubleshooting Software Update

When experiencing slow data transmission rates, or other network issues, it may be possible that a system software update will be aborted due to a web server timeout during the transfer.

In such an event, the Upload New File window will disappear, and the Upgrade System Software window will be displayed again instead.

  • Should this happen repeatedly, you can transfer the update file using a file transfer protocol such as scp, sftp or ftp, if security is not a concern. The update can then be initiated from the Web UI or Command Line.
  • Disk Status: In the event of an aborted update process, under Tools > Upgrade/Backup > Disk Status, check Percent Used: If the number is greater than 70%, free up disk space, before starting another attempt to update the System Software.

Software Versions older than 5.3.0:

Note that failed update attempts may result in lost Disk Space on the NetClock. Reboot the system to erase unwanted update files.

Software Version 5.3.0 and higher:

In the event that an update process becomes aborted, clicking Update System Software will automatically erase unwanted update files.