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NetClock 9483—Available Option Modules

NetClock 9483 models can be customized and enhanced via the addition of up to two (2) additional option modules, detailed in this section.

Note: In some cases, the number of option modules of any one type that can be installed may be limited (see “Maximum number of cards” for each type of module).

For additional information on available option modules, including configuration and usage, see also NetClock 9483 Option Modules.

T1 (1.544 MHz) and E1 (2.048 MHz) Module

  • Outputs:
    • T1 mode:
      • 1.544 MHz (square wave) frequency output
      • (2) 1.544 Mb/sec data rate outputs:
        • Outputs are DS1 framed all ones.
        • Supports Super Frame (SF or D4) and Extended Super Frame (ESF).
        • SSM support.
    • E1 mode:
      • 2.048 MHz (square wave) frequency output
      • (2) 2.048 Mb/sec data rate outputs:
        • Outputs are E1 frame all ones.
        • Supports CRC4 and CAS Multiframe.
        • SSM support.
  • Maximum Number of Cards: 1
  • Ordering Information:
    • Option 13: T1/E1 Balanced
      • (1) E1 (75 Ω) module
      • (2) T1 and E1 (100/120 Ω) module

Multi-Port Gigabit Ethernet Module

  • Inputs/Outputs: (3) Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 Base-T)
  • Signal Type and Connector: RJ-45
  • Management: Enabled or Disabled (NTP server only)
  • Maximum Number of Cards: 4
  • Ordering Information: Option 16: Multi-port Ethernet (3X) Module