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NetClock 9489 Overview

Spectracom’s NetClock Model 9489 delivers the same high precision timing benefits of the NetClock 9483, and is ideally suited for delivering highly precise NTP timing for synchronizing systems, devices, and other communications equipment and devices.

In addition to providing a secure, high precision NTP platform, NetClock 9489 also provides one (1) 1PPS output, two (2) RS-485 outputs, and (1) RS-484 input.

There are a number of commonly shared features between both the NetClock 9483 and 9489 models. However, the NetClock Model 9489 is designed to function primarily as an NTP server, and therefore is somewhat less complex than the NetClock Model 9483. Also, NetClock 9489 is not fully compliant to NENA master clock technical requirements. As such, a majority of this document applies to the NetClock Model 9483, except where otherwise noted.