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10 MHz Output (NetClock 9483 Only)

  • Signal: 10 MHz sine wave
  • Signal Level: +13 dBm ±2dB into 50 Ω
  • Harmonics: ˗40 dBc minimum
  • Spurious: ˗70 dBc minimum TCXO
  • Connector: BNC female
  • Signature Control: This configurable feature removes the output signal whenever a major alarm condition or loss of time synchronization condition is present. The output will be restored once the fault condition is corrected.

10 MHz output — oscillator types and accuracies

Oscillator Type Accuracy
Rubidium 1x10-12 typical 24-hour average locked to GPS
1x10-11 per day (5x10-11 per month) typical aging unlocked
Standard OCXO 2x10-12 typical 24-hour average locked to GPS
1x10-9 per day typical aging unlocked
TCXO 1x10-11 typical 24-hour average locked to GPS
1x10-8 per day typical aging unlocked

Note: Oscillator accuracies are stated as fractional frequency (i.e. the relative frequency departure of a frequency source), and as such are dimensionless.

See also Configuring the Oscillator.

10 MHz output — oscillator stability

Oscillator Type Medium-Term Stability
(without GPS after 2 weeks of GPS lock)
Short-Term Stability (Allan variance) Temperature
Stability (p˗p)
1 sec. 10 sec. 100 sec.
Rubidium 5x10-11/month (3x10-11/month typical) 2x10-11 2x10-12 2x10-12 1x10-10
Standard OCXO 5x10-10/day 5x10-10 5x10-11 1x10-11 5x10-9
TCXO 1x10-8/day 2x10-9 1x10-9 3x10-10 1x10-6

10 MHz Output — Oscillator Phase Noise (dBc/Hz)

Oscillator Type @ 1Hz @ 10 Hz @ 100 Hz @ 1KHz @ 10 KHz
Rubidium ˗80 ˗98 ˗120 ˗140 ˗140
Standard OCXO ˗95 ˗123 ˗140 ˗145 ˗150
TCXO ./. ./. ˗110 ˗135 ˗140