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Enabling/Disabling NTP Broadcasting

The NTP Broadcast mode is intended for one or a few servers and many clients. NetClock allows the NTP service to be configured to broadcast the NTP time only to the network’s broadcast address at scheduled intervals.

NTP Broadcasting is used to limit the NTP service to only certain clients on the network. NTP Broadcasting also reduces the amount of network traffic, but is therefore less accurate since there is no compensation for cable delays, or other delays between NTP Server and Client.

Note that NTP Broadcasting is rarely used and typically limited to special applications.

To enable NTP Broadcasting:

  1. Navigate to MANAGEMENT > NETWORK: NTP Setup.
  2. On the NTP Services panel, click the GEAR icon.
  3. The Edit NTP Services window will display. Check the Broadcast box.
  4. Select a Broadcast Interval. When NTP Broadcasting is selected, in addition to still responding to NTP time requests sent from network appliances, NetClock will also send unsolicited NTP time packets to the local broadcast address at the Broadcast Interval specified by you.
  5. To utilize MD5 Authentication, select a Symmetric Key (see Configuring NTP Symmetric Keys.)
  6. Click Submit, or press Enter.

To disable NTP broadcasting, simply uncheck the Broadcast box and click Submit.