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Default and Recommended Configurations

The factory default configuration settings were chosen for ease of initial setup. Some of the default settings may deviate from best practices recommendations, though. The following table outlines the differences between factory default and recommended configuration settings for your consideration:

Default and recommended configurations

Feature Default Setting Recommended Setting Where to Configure
HTTP Enabled Disabled Web UI or CLI
HTTPS Enabled (using customer-generated certificate and key or default Spectracom self-signed certificate and common public/private key SSH/SCP/SFTP enabled with unit unique 1024-bit keys) Web UI
SNMP Enabled Disabled or Enabled (with SNMP v3 w/ encryption*) Web UI
NTP Enabled (with no MD5 values entered) Enabled (use MD5 authentication with user-defined keys) Web UI
Daytime Protocol Disabled Disabled Web UI
Time Protocol Disabled Disabled Web UI

Command Line Interface

Serial Port Available Available n/a
Telnet Enabled Disabled (use SSH instead) Web UI
SSH Enabled (default private keys provided) Enabled Web UI

File Transfer

FTP Enabled Disabled (use SFTP or SCP) Web UI
SCP Available Disabled (use SFTP or SCP) Web UI
SFTP Available Disabled (use SFTP or SCP) Web UI

* Spectracom recommends that secure clients use only SNMPv3 with authentication for secure installations.